Rajaei’s agro industry company history

Rajaei’s agro industry company is private company affiliated to the Rural and Agriculture Central Cooperative Union of Iran. This company’s activity focused on Dezful, near the Dez-ab town in Byatian region.

This company has 5,000 hectars of citrus orchards and agricultural fields, various sectors including of office, residential, storage of agricultural products, livestock unit, corn and corn seed drying machines, cleaning and sifting devices.

Main field crops of this company including of wheat, seed corn, corn, canola, clover (Seed and grain) and Mung.
The company’s products in orchards are various citrus fruits such as: oranges (Valencia variety) and Siavarz (local Orange variety), lemon, sweet lime, red and white grapefruit and tangerines.

Other Activity of Company

۱- Silo Store for wheat seed, clover and corn (2200 m2)
۲- Special store for packaged seed produced in company
۳- Pre sifting equipment
۴- Sifter and cleaning equipment
۵- Seed corn drying machines development
۶- Maternal corn seed drying machine
۷- Fruit size sorting machine
۸- Drying seed corn bought from farmers
۹- Mechanization development by comprehensive software program for Administrative and financial sectors, industrial and financial accounting, inventory control, payroll and cost of products.

Surrender to the Private Sector

This company surrenders to private sector in 2003 in order to governmental Constitution and ayatollah Khamenei’s order, holding company of agriculture crops created and total of Rajaei’s company share surrender to mentioned company.

Holding company determine and monitor the performance of the CEO and board arrangements in order to provide privatization and sale of companies, ultimately the company surrender to the Rural and Agriculture Central Cooperative Union of Iran.